Husband and wife duo, Matt and Christine Holt are modern day sensory alchemists - carefully mixing fragrance oils one droplet at a time to concoct intricate blends that perfectly complement the natural ingredients of her candles – never forgetting to add an extra touch of love to represent her sweet Boston Terrier Penelope for whom the candles were named.


Concocted in their industrial warehouse in Oakland, CA, The Holts love experimenting with new combinations of scents to find the perfect recipe that will be the main ingredient to someone’s relaxation.


“There is nothing quite like the warmth of a deliciously scented candle,” Christine says. “Candles are one of my all-time favorite things. There's something about having a candle lit in your home that takes the coziness to the next level - that's why I love what I'm doing.”


Penelope Co.uses all natural ingredients like soy wax and 100 percent cotton wicks to ensure a safe experience for those who use her candles. “It’s important for health. Paraffin releases black smoke creating soot. It also burns faster whereas soy wax burns clean and slow. It’s a better value all around,” she says.


Once the candle, labeled with recycled craft paper, completes its life’s purpose, the remaining glass tumbler can be placed into a freezer to help the remaining wax separate from the glass walls.


“I purposely chose a tumbler style glass so my customers can re-purpose it and enjoy a nice cocktail at the end of a stressful day.”






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